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This is perhaps the stupidest question I’ll ever ask on this blog, but here it is:

Which of the following layover scenarios strikes y’all as the least hideous?
(a) Eight hours in Cincinnati;
(b) Six hours in Atlanta;
(c) Nine hours in Seattle.

Each option gets me back to Juneau at the exact same time, and each flight requires that I leave Richmond, Virginia sometime between 6-7:30 a.m.

I’ve spent a lot of time at Sea-Tac, and so I’m inclined to take that option and try to bullshit my way once again into the Alaska Air board room, where the free booze and snacks will shower over me like a ruptured pinata. But I’ve never hung out much at CVG or Hartsfield-Jackson, so I want to make sure I wouldn’t be missing anything really cool (e.g., Ms. Pac-Man machines, hookah shops, Cinnabon, etc.) if I went with Door #3.

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