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Sully *heart* Kaus?


What’s the deal with this? Kaus:

Where’s “Faggot-Guy”? … It seems like only last week that Andrew Sullivan was calling me “faggot-guy” at every available opportunity. (“[F]rom now on … on those few occasions when his name comes up, he will have a new appellation on this blog.”) He was sending me passionate emails. But today, nothing! Sullivan’s brilliant running conceit has simply disappeared. … Did he lose heart? Has he come un-unhinged? Did his new boss, David Bradley, decide that running around calling people “faggot-guy” might not be in the highest tradition of the venerable Atlantic? … Update: The Cycle of Excitability is nearing its all-too-predictable end. He’s back to calling me “Kaus.” He’ll be sucking up again soon! [Don’t think so–ed. It’s his default mode.] … 5:17 P.M.

Ooh; passionate e-mails, and an excitable Sully who’s sucking up. Hmm. Is it just my imagination, or does Mickey think that Sully is coming on to him? I’m not sure, but it kind of looks that way…

Here’s a friendly bit of advice, Mickey; I don’t tend to think of myself as an arbiter of male attractiveness, but I really, really, really (really!!!!) think that Sully can do better. I wouldn’t worry too much about it…

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