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Today in the Conservative War on Aesthetics


Shorter Ann Althouse: Why can’t those pretentious writers and directors stop making television shows and movies, and just go straight to the blog summaries? Movies are only good for using as a pretext for remarkably implausible GOP cheerleading anyway.

What I really like about the last post is that the shooting the president thing was playing in very limited release and the Dixie Chicks thing in 4 theaters (where it pulled in more than $12,000 per, not bad at any rate.) So Althouse seems to be seeing a Republican groundswell…in Manhattan and Los Angeles. (Perhaps Prof B.’s mere presence in the Golden state has initiated a huge backlash.) Is this likely? I dunno, ask whoever’s running against Hillary Clinton, if any trace of his or her campaign exists. Maybe the porn star the Republicans seem to be running for Senate in California has finally gotten $25 grand in the bank…

In fairness, you probably remember that when America’s Heart and Soul tanked, it portended that massive Democratic landslide in 2004, so maybe the theory has something to it…

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