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Paging Lord Saletan


Digby nails the ongoing kabuki of Roe‘s opponents perfectly:

That woman who believes that abortion is the killing of babies with knives is one slick political operator. She knows that this isn’t about any dialog. She knows that Alito will vote to overturn Roe. She knows that the minute Roe is overturned a whole bunch of states will make it illegal. She is lying about all of that.

Why in the hell is it necessary for some woman from Kansas not to tell the truth about her cause or her goals? What is she so afraid of? Why does the born again conservative president have to phone in his support instead of appearing proudly and openly before his pro-life supporters? If this is an issue of deeply felt morality that all Americans are having difficulty dealing with, why can’t they just admit openly that they want to outlaw abortion?


Could someone please inform the Democrats that when 66 percent of the public agrees with you on an issue that you can feel confident that you are not losing elections because of that issue?

Pro-life people even at the state level are savvy political con artists who are pretending to be more powerful than they are while lying about their goals. They are operating from a position of weakness not strength. Anybody in politics who is fooled by this crap should be fired.

This is exactly right. The fact that even state operatives in very reactionary states aren’t willing to be candid about their desire to criminalize abortion makes it clear that they don’t regard turning the clock back to 1972 is a popular policy. If only prominent liberal journalists could figure this out…

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