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Ten Flick that Define America
Scott, Ten Movies I Hate
Rob, Best Heist Films
Movie Scenes that Make You Cry
Movie Scenes that Make You Burst Out Laughing
Rob’s Top Ten, 2004
DJW, Best of the Oughts
Scott, Best of the Oughts
Rob, Best of the Oughts
Rob, Best of the 90s
Scott, Hollywood’s Worst Directors
Scott, Best of the 90s
Scott, Best of the 80s
Scott, Top Ten of 2004
Academy of the Over-rated: Directors


Farhenheit 9/11 (Rob)
Fahrenheit 9/11 (DJW)
Shattered Glass
Supersize This
She Hate Me
Before Sunset
Vera Drake
The Battle of Algiers
Shall We Dance?
The Motorcycle Diaries
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
House of Flying Daggers, Closer, Bad Education, A Very Long Engagement
Phantom of the Opera
Return of the King
Sideways, Closer, A Fond Kiss, Sex is Comedy
King of Comedy (by way of Colin Quinn)
Million Dollar Baby
The Fog of War
Land of the Dead
Point of Order
Battle of Algiers (Dark Soul of Colonel Mathieu)
Cold Water
The Squid and the Whale, Good Night and Good Luck, Walk the Line
The Passenger
Point of Order (Redux)
Brokeback Mountain (Scott)
King Kong
Brokeback Mountain (Rob)
Match Point


Fun with Roger Ebert

Annals of Whoredom
The Stranger Recommends…
The Worst Argument About Michael Moore Ever
Elvis Mitchell
Worst Opening Ever?
Against Linklater
A Nightmare of Evil (Kevin Smith Edition)
Oliver Stone
Random DVD Purchases
Stalinist Criticism (Dogville Edition)
Academy of the Over-rated (Eastwood Edition)
Film Frustration
Presidential Acting
Stalinist Criticism Wears a Fedora
2005 Oscar Picks
Body of Work Award
Medved vs. Aesthetics
Contrarian for the Wrong Reasons
Ford and Wayne
Wolcott on Medved
Ozu Blogging
Bad Scenes in Great Movies
The Anthology Film
Odd Thoughts on Bizarre Topics (Or Innocence Lost?)
Resistance is (Almost) Futile
Whatta Card
The Phantom Menace Effect
Podhoretz and Revenge of the Sith
Frank Galvin and Twelve Angry Men
Stalinist Critics of the World, Rejoice!
Peter Jackson’s Money
30s Movies
Piper Picks a Peck O’Pickled Peppers
Stalinist Aesthetics Department
Right Wing Film Studies
Top 50 Movies of 1985
Curtis Hanson
Hollywood Having an Off Year?
Scenes from a Philistine
Why I am not a Studio Executive (Or a Populist)
Hollywood’s Revenue “Problem”
Kaus on Brokeback
Kaus on Brokeback (Again)
If You’re Going to be Pretentious, at least be Right
Medvedism with Bad Math
Oscar Context
Betting Brokeback
Bresson and Vigo
Going it Alone
Medved on Brokeback
Perverted Values (Brokeback and Utah)
Pajamas Media Reviewers

And don’t miss DJW’s film blogging at David’s Film Journal

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