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People who need to read Karl Popper


One of the most amusing pathologies of wingnut cranks is their unyielding conviction that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee in 2004, despite the facts that 1)she repeatedly said she wouldn’t run, and 2)no constituency within the party who wanted her to run.  Then, she was a highly likely veep pick. Despite the fact that there was no sign whatsoever that Hillary being on the ticket had no chance of happening, and showed no sign of happening, the Morris/Safire crowd kept developing more elaborate theories trying to wedge reality into whatever world they live in.

With this claim having been falsified, have these obsessives admitted they were wrong and moved on? Need I answer that? No, instead the irrational obsession has turned to assertions that Hillary will try to sabotage the Kerry campaign to allow her to run in 2008.  Apparently, Clinton’s brilliant speech is all part of the plan, and I’m sure it will be explained somehow.

More from Media Matters on Tweety Matthews’s obsession with Hillary here.

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