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Today  he treats us to a meandering, obvious article about the vacuity of all the ‘values’ discourse eminating from the Kerry-Edwards campaign. He notes with with some sadness that that aristocratic bluebloods like Kerry feel compelled to pretend to be like the rest of us (oh, and as a footnote, he concedes that George W. Bush might do this once in a while too–how fair and balanced ™ of him!).

Anyway, I simply wanted to turn your attention to the end of this pointless op-ed. After giving us a few paragraphs on how ridiculous it is that people like Kerry pretend to be Ordinary Middle-Class Americans with official OMCA (this is my new acronym) values, he says

I say if these upper-class types want our values, they can have them. Just so long as they give us their real estate.

Our?? Us?? I haven’t seen Mr. Brooks tax returns lately, but I have to wonder if he needs to look any farther than the mirror for someone putting on OMCA airs.

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