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Veterans Day

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On November 11, 2017
Veterans Day: A perfect time to remember one of our national legacies, white people lynching black soldiers and recently returned veterans. Returning African American veterans were met with a familiar “tenacious and violent white supremacy,” and their status as veterans made them special targets for white aggression. Though hailed as a hero during the war, […]
100 years ago today, the United States entered World War I. The historian Michael Kazin argues that this was a disaster. I don’t per se disagree, but I’m not really comfortable with the reasons. How would the war have ended if America had not intervened? The carnage might have continued for another year or two […]
October is over. That means the merciful end of pumpkin beer season, thank higher powers that may or may not exist. It also means the end of daylight savings, which is bad but I’ll take the deal if I don’t see any more pumpkin beer. It also ushers in “National Conversation on How to Make […]
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