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Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake moves the mainstreaming of overturning the 17th Amendment another step forward. Yes, an increasing number of right-wingers want to repeal the constitutional amendment allowing for the direct election of senators by the people. Why? Because it’s much easier for corporations to cut checks to individual state legislators than trying to buy […]
Bryan Caplan is a terrible person. Now you might say that I am too mean to the Koch-funded George Mason economist. After all, he might not beat his dog. But that doesn’t really matter here. Because Bryan Caplan is a terrible person. Why is Bryan Caplan such a scourge on the human race? This article […]
In the rich conservative tradition of declaring Bryce Harper a conservative hero because he plays hard unlike those black Democrats like Jason Heyward, I bring you the brilliant Conservapedia entry on “Overrated Sports Stars.” Although please note that given the nature of the website, it could change any time. 1. Andre Agassi — his rival […]
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