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Natasha Bertrand has more on the fears of NATO allies about the upcoming summit and the Trump-Putin hobnob. After discussing Trump’s latest tweet asserting that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election—because Putin told him so—she points out that: The timing of the president’s tweet makes it even more significant: The remark came amid […]
It’s commonplace to remark on the irony that right-wing nationalism has gone increasingly transnational. But it’s not without historical precedent. What’s more unusual is the degree that the left—whether left-liberal, progressive, or social-democratic—remains national in orientation. I’ve argued before that this is dangerous.  It place us at a disadvantage in terms of ideas and activism. […]
Stephanie Carvin tweeted her way through the transcripts of Carter Page’s testimony. It was glorious. Oh boy. https://t.co/n09n5LAHK1 — Stephanie Carvin (@StephanieCarvin) November 7, 2017 I once had a conversation with a Trump biographer about Gorka. We discussed how Trump is a magnet for sketchy characters and those of questionable competency. It’s not just that […]

The Feedback Loop of Derp

On October 26, 2017

I got annoyed and tweeted a bit about the right-wing noise machine currently spinning up, and just plain spinning, over recent (and not recent) reporting on the Steele dossier. As public information c

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