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What could be more New Gilded Age than the return of the Pinkertons as the hired thugs of anti-union companies? Nothing more New Gilded Age is possible. Sarah Jones explains: Workers at the telecommunications company Frontier Communications have been on strike for 20 days in West Virginia and Virginia. Their grievances are familiar ones: Workers […]
Our glorious leader decided to have a fun political stunt where he brags about eliminating the last 60 years of regulations. President Trump said on Thursday that his administration was answering “a call to action” by rolling back regulations on environmental protections, health care, financial services and other industries as he made a push to […]

Fleece the 99%!

On November 17, 2017

It is impressive how the Republicans aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. To finance a permanent cut in the corporate tax rate, the revised bill permanently repeals the Affordable Care Act’s

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