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As a counterpart to her ongoing analysis of the proliferation of misogynist sex-is-icky comedy, Dana Stevens makes an important point about the contemporary romantic comedy as part of a review of the poorly-received I Don’t Know How She Does It: In an unintentionally disturbing subplot, Kate’s assistant Momo, a single, career-focused woman in her mid-20s […]
I love this take on Kevin Smith: It would be hard to count the number of times Kevin Smith has justified his filmmaking by explaining in his Comic Book Guy voice that he just makes “dick-and-fart joke movies” and that taking them seriously misses the point. If only this were true. The problem with Smith’s […]


On April 10, 2011

R.I.P. See Kenny, Zoller Seitz, Edroso, and this oldie-but-goodie from Dargis. Roy’s post, with its account of Lumet’s setting of Newman’s summation in The Verdict, has many insights

The Suckers Get Punched

In General
On March 28, 2011
I thought that there was no way that Sucker Punch could be as bad as its fake-empowerment-sexist-tripe-for-drooling-morons trailer, if only on the grounds that unless it was directed by Uwe Boll nothing could be that bad, but apparently it comes pretty close. I’m almost tempted to watch the thing to see just how high the […]
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