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Nyki Salinas-Duda has an interesting though flawed article about the increasingly tense relationship between the left-leaning Latin American governments elected in recent years and indigenous peoples who helped elect them. Essentially, indigenous peoples have supported politicians like Evo Morales because they provided an alternative to the openly racist governments that have oppressed indigenous people for […]

The Guyanas and Suriname

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On February 17, 2012
I’m sick and tired of trying to meet our commentariat’s demands for more posts about Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname. To shut you all up about these vital nations, I’m linking to Colin’s post about the forgotten South American nations and why their histories are so different than the rest of Latin America. Interesting stuff. […]
Colin Snider, my old blogging partner from Alterdestiny, has started a new blog dedicated to Latin American issues. It’s been up for a month or so now with many excellent posts. His frequent “Around Latin America” posts are excellent round-ups of the region, which we all spend far too little time reading and writing about. […]
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