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I’ve been a member of the Lawyers, Guns and Money team for some months now, and yet I believe that I’ve written only one post criticizing Glenn Greenwald. As I’m clearly not meeting my quota, I need to say a few word about this particular monstrosity that he offered up on Monday. One of the most bizarre aspects […]

You Gotta Own That

In Robert Farley
On March 19, 2013
I’ve never actually read How Would a Patriot Act, or assessed the claims that Glenn was pro-Iraq War, until today: During the lead-up to the invasion, I was concerned that the hell-bent focus on invading Iraq was being driven by agendas and strategic objectives that had nothing to do with terrorism or the 9/11 attacks. […]

Social Facts

On August 16, 2012

Greenwald, in the midst of an angry screed: In a book critiquing the “terrorism expert” field, Jackson argued that “most of what is accepted as well-founded ’knowledge’ in terrorism studies

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