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I generally agree with Mark Tushnet that Robert Jackson is overrated. But I also agree that he did have a talent for good lines, and this bit from his famous-if-overrated Steel Seizures concurrence was prescient indeed: But I have no illusion that any decision by this Court can keep power in the hands of Congress […]

Fractured China

In Robert Farley
On November 17, 2010
At WPR, I bloviate on theoretical and empirical issues regarding China’s fractured foreign policy: What does China want? Unfortunately, this is a terrible way to approach the problem. China is full of many people who want many different things. Like the U.S. national security apparatus, the Chinese government harbors a plethora of different foreign-policy perspectives, […]
Why try to pretend that this should be taken seriously? Second, it’s not just about drugs. The Venezuelan alliance is almost a classic geopolitical attempt to deny the US access to Latin America — probably including Mexico — and to gain access to our southern border. FARC is not only the world’s largest producer of […]
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