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I have a new piece at Right Web on the Romney foreign policy team: A campaign team has two purposes. First, to supply rhetoric and policy that will help the candidate win; second, to provide the nucleus for the group that will guide administration policy. Because the campaign team often becomes the policy team, there […]

War is Peace

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On June 22, 2011
Report: 10,000 Troops Leaving Afghanistan This Year Kerry and McCain United Behind the Mysteriously Urgent Libya Mission Iraq Violence Intensifies as Talks Continue on U.S. Troop Presence In principle it would be quite simple to waste the surplus labour of the world by building temples and pyramids, by digging holes and filling them up again, […]
Juan Cole has another argument in favor of Allied intervention into Libya. As an open-to-persuasion skeptic, I would like to raise a couple points. First, I’m suspicious of this characterization of the opposing arguments: 1. Absolute pacifism (the use of force is always wrong) 2. Absolute anti-imperialism (all interventions in world affairs by outsiders are […]
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