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The JFK Vietnam Myth

In General
On July 17, 2011
Worst president of the 20th century, I dunno, but the idea that Vietnam should be laid primarily at LBJ’s feet is ridiculous. I think Oliver Stone’s fervent belief that JFK’s assassination was inevitable because of his left-wing radicalism on foreign policy and civil rights makes JFK one of the funniest movies ever made… Share

War is Peace

On June 22, 2011

Report: 10,000 Troops Leaving Afghanistan This Year Kerry and McCain United Behind the Mysteriously Urgent Libya Mission Iraq Violence Intensifies as Talks Continue on U.S. Troop Presence In principle

Jennifer Rubin provides the inevitable spin, arguing that the killing of OBL vindicates the Bush approach of using military force — including an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and posed no significant security threat to the United States: Third, this is why we went into Afghanistan and why George […]
I generally agree with Mark Tushnet that Robert Jackson is overrated. But I also agree that he did have a talent for good lines, and this bit from his famous-if-overrated Steel Seizures concurrence was prescient indeed: But I have no illusion that any decision by this Court can keep power in the hands of Congress […]
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