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Your read of the day should be this Bernice Yeung piece on the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault faced by domestic workers. Domestic work is the crucial but unseen labor done behind the closed doors of private homes. It’s the intimate and invisible work that happens in someone else’s bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It […]
The wealthy of Asia, especially in the Middle East, often hire southeast Asian domestic workers, especially from the Philippines. Like with the relationship between Latin America and the United States, remittances play a big part in the economy of these poorer nations. But we have been learning a lot about how the oil elites of […]
On August 9, 1910, the first patent was issued for the electric washing machine. I am going to use this seemingly random event as a jumping off point to explore one of the most forgotten labor sectors in American history—unpaid domestic labor in the home. Like many household technologies of the twentieth century, the washing […]
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