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This is a guest post by Jonathan Gitlin of Ars Technica A couple of weeks ago, there was quite a bit of press about a new book, ‘Area 51 – An Uncensored History‘ by Annie Jacobsen. As a self-respecting plane nerd, especially one that grew up reading too many Dale Brown books, it wasn’t a […]

Wider Impact

On April 30, 2011

Cameron McWhirter on the impact of the Mortenson scandal: Grass-roots nonprofits across the country now find themselves under intense scrutiny because of the Mortenson scandal. Many are considering go

This is one of those things that is disappointing, but not at all surprising: “You would hope that they would be spending a lot more on the schools in Pakistan than they would on book-related costs,” says Borochoff. “Why doesn’t Mr. Mortenson spend his own money on the book-related costs? He’s the one getting the […]
This is the sixth installment of an eight part series on the Patterson School’s Summer Reading List. Hide and Seek, Charles Duelfer The Accidental Guerrilla, David Kilcullen The Limits of Power, Andrew Bacevich Huang Yasheng, Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics Walter Laqueur, The Last Days of Europe Greg Mortenson, Stones into Schools Paul Collier, The Plundered Planet […]
The Patterson School 2010 Summer Reading List has been released: Andrew Bacevich, The Limits of Power Charles Duelfer, Hide and Seek David Kilcullen, Accidental Guerrilla Paul Collier, The Plundered Planet Walter Laqueur, The Last Days of Europe Greg Mortenson, Stones into Schools Stephen Cohen and Brad Delong, The End of Influence Huang Yasheng, Capitalism with […]
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