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Given that the government is reopening the investigation into Emmett Till’s lynching, it’s worth thinking about lynching a little bit. Mostly, when we think about lynching, we think about black people getting lynched in the South. There’s a very good reason for this and we should. Of course, plenty of African-Americans were lynched in the […]
This is the grave of George Bird Grinnell. Born in 1849 to an old money New York elite family, Grinnell graduated from Yale in 1870. He was part of a first generation of easterners fascinated by a disappearing American West and he would make his career around this. After graduation, he was able to follow […]

The Monuments

On December 4, 2017

I hate these people so much. President Donald Trump sharply reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah on Monday by some two million acres, the largest rollback of federal land protection in t

Above: Drill, Baby, Drill! In the midst of Trump’s word diarrhea yesterday around everything from NAFTA (I feel like I should write about this but of course Trump doesn’t even understand what NAFTA is) to the 9th Circuit, he dropped something that is genuinely pretty concerning, and that’s potentially getting rid of the recent national […]
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