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Celebrating Memorial Day

[ 13 ] May 31, 2010 |

What Rob said below..

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Memorial Day!

[ 8 ] May 31, 2010 |

Happy Memorial Day from all of us to all of you. Celebrate with the beer and the baseball and the what not, but do give a thought to those who have served and died, whether for the United States or elsewhere. Also see this; while I can’t concur fully with the presentation, I think it would be a shame to dispose of an artifact like USS Olympia. I think that we probably memorialize too many ships (we don’t need to save all four Iowas, for example), but the Olympia is the last of her kind. Unfortunately, I failed to see her on my last trip to Philly, but I’ll probably have to go if plans on scuttling her move forward.

How European States Deal with Fiscal Shortfalls…

[ 7 ] May 30, 2010 |

Among other things, they cut defense spending. In the United States, it’s impossible to cut defense spending, because the world’s reserves of whiskey/sexy/democracy/freedom depend utterly on the ability of the United States to egregiously outspend any rival or potential coalition of rivals by a factor of five or so. In the US, as we know, the idea that the growth of defense spending should be cut is radical hippie peacenik nonsense. And incidentally, we also need a few engines that we’ll never use…

All the Names

[ 9 ] May 30, 2010 |

Proposition: If a mad scientist undertook to create “Joey Votto” in a lab, the result could not look more like “Joey Votto” than the actual Joey Votto.


The Finals

[ 4 ] May 29, 2010 |

It’s good that I didn’t get around to picks for the conference finals, because I would have been wrong on both. I thought that the Sharks would be very tough once they got out of the first round, but watching them against the Hawks makes you realize that they’re no so much underachieving in the playoffs as that their talent — especially on the blueline — isn’t that impressive. (Although Marleau should be permanently excluded from the “choker” label.) The only caveat I would have had in picking Montreal is Pronger, whose greatness has always been a little undercognized — the more you look at the ’06 Oilers and the surrounding teams, the more amazing he looks.

So because of Pronger, I guess you can’t entirely write off the Broad Street Slightly Unpleasant People. But, still — since despite Pronger I didn’t even pick them to beat Montreal, I can hardly change now, and this might be the biggest mismatch on paper since Avs/Panthers in ’96. Hawks in 5.

“We Can’t Even Get Into a Second-rate Motel!”

[ 4 ] May 29, 2010 |


While a better end-of-career choice would have been preferable, I’m sure he was the best thing about An American Carol

The Arbitrary Anti-abortion Obstacle Course

[ 5 ] May 29, 2010 |

Continues to grow more burdensome. Which reminds me that this post can never be linked to enough.

…see also.

Although the Fact That a Thriller Contains Scenes of Violent Crime is Very Convincing Data

[ 6 ] May 29, 2010 |

As Doug says, it doesn’t get much more embarrassing than this. And as of now the howler remains uncorrected. And Clive Crook still finds this transparently idiotic analysis very compelling.

Open Thread: Obama’s National Security Strategy

[ 60 ] May 28, 2010 |

The first of the two tag clouds you see to the left is Obama’s
2010 National Security Strategy according to Wordle.

The second of the two tag clouds you see to the left is Bush’s 2002 National Security Strategy according to Wordle.

What do you see to the left?

The Former AG As Fourth-Rate Wingnut Blogger

[ 5 ] May 28, 2010 |

Even by GOP standards, this Sestak thing is a ridiculous non-scandal.

I’m so old I remember when Mukasey was supposed to be the Sober Republican Grownup would would restore the rule of law. The ability of white Republican guys in suits who occasionally sound reasonable to sucker centrist pundits never ceases to amaze.

Animated Soviet Propaganda

[ 0 ] May 28, 2010 |

Erik has been doing a fascinating series on animated Soviet propaganda. Check it out.

Having your wealth and health and wife and kids restored by God is for closers

[ 13 ] May 28, 2010 |

Rarely has there ever been a greater need to emphasize, in this confusing cyberworld of ours, that this is not a joke.

Be sure not to miss the FAQ page.

Stephen’s wiki page is also full of inspiring tales of a man’s ability to overcome adversity.

Baldwin has a tattoo on his left shoulder of the initials “HM” for Hannah Montana. He got the tattoo after making a pact with Miley Cyrus that he would be allowed to cameo on the show if he had the initials tattooed on him. He revealed the tattoo to Cyrus at a book signing in Nashville, on November 10, 2008.[18] To date he has never appeared on the show. He has since gone on record as saying that he regrets getting the tattoo[19]