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Brother Loomis and I have recorded a podcast based on the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, which focuses on Antelope, Oregon and the history of Rajneeshpuram. Both Erik and I lived in Oregon during part of this period, and so the documentary brought back memories from childhood. We also manage to re-establish Erik’s hippie punching […]
Here is the second part of our podcast on China and the international order in the 21st century.  Some additional thoughts at the Diplomat: The United States failed to stop China’s rise; indeed, it didn’t even really try.  Moreover, during the process of its rise China reformed its economy without substantially reforming its political system. Over the […]
For the most recent LGM podcast, Dan and I discuss how to assess the government shutdown, unsavory alliances, Trump’s authoritarian tendencies, and “woke neocons.” Note that we are still working out some technical issues, which in this episode manifest in mediocre audio on my side of the conversation.  Nevertheless, any and all comments are welcome! […]
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