Author: Simon Balto

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Another black man was killed by the Chicago Police Department last night: The shooting happened about 5:30 p.m. in the 2000 block of East 71st Street, according to police and Chicago Fire Department officials. Officers on foot saw “a man exhibiting characteristics of an armed person,” and a “confrontation” ensued when they tried to question […]


On June 19, 2018

Today is Juneteenth, which commemorates the final official emancipation of African-descended people from racial slavery in the United States on this day (June 19) in 1865. Far more than the 4th of Ju

Everyone has no doubt read/seen/heard stories now about Casa Padre, the Brownsville, Texas Walmart-turned-children’s-prison that currently houses nearly 1,500 juvenile immigrant boys. About a week and a half ago, Senator Jeff Merkley tried to tour Casa Padre and was turned away. (He had some things to say anyway.) Yesterday, a small group of reporters were […]
Like all the other writers here, I am very, very pro-labor. (Like all the other writers here, I also understand that labor organizations sometimes make reprehensible political choices and alliances out of self-interest.) But police unions are bad. They are socially destructive. They inhibit accountability. They embolden racist, reckless, and violent officers. For the past […]
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