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On January 15, 2020

My 10 days in Cuba were pretty incredible to say the least. The thing about traveling to Cuba under the current rules is that thanks to the Helms-Burton Act (damn Bill Clinton for signing that monstro

This is the grave of Donald and Miriam MacMillan. Born in 1874 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, MacMillan was orphaned at the age of 12 after his sea captain father died at sea and his mother died of unknown causes. He moved to live with family in Freeport, Maine and then went to Bowdoin College, where he […]
This is the grave of Schenando. Supposedly born in approximately 1706, at least according to legend, Schenando, also called Skenandoa or Shenandoah, was a chief of the Oneida. He was born into the Susquehannocks, but later was adopted by the Oneida. A huge man for his time, around 6 feet, 5 inches according to many […]
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