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"I'd shake your hand, sir, if I could reach it through this fence." Though there was a barrier between me and the concentration camp guard, we were engaged in our own tiny act of border-crossing in a violently divided America, as we stood there in the sun for three hours, two American citizens engaged in respectful conversation about the Refugee Convention and constitutional law, making meaning from our common quandry.
I can’t afford to be blithely doing research on faraway things, reviewing tenure files and going to the beach this year. I’ll take my summer "vacation" this year on the Southern border. I won’t tour a limestone cave, I’ll tour a migrant shelter. If I camp, it will not be on White Sands under the wide stars, but outside a CPB facility near El Paso, with a protest sign and a generator. I’ll need it, because I'll be taking my camera phone and Twitter feed with me. Join me if you can.
Every year at this time I receive several queries a day from colleagues, would-be colleagues and students asking me if I’ll be “at APSA” – the Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association – and when we could meet up for a coffee. Every year I reply several times a day: “Sadly, I won’t be at APSA this year […]
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