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On April Fool’s Day, Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders did an interview with the New York Daily News, perceived by many to have been a botched performance.  Yesterday, the NYDN followed up with a piece entitled “Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Know Enough About Foreign Policy, Pros Say.”  (The “pros” quoted – surprise surprise – were various Clinton foreign […]
About two weeks ago I pledged to go on blogging hiatus and try to ignore the Internets in order to vacation with my family. However, while traveling south from Colorado with my partner and son last week, I ran across this post by LGM’s Erik Loomis, on the treatment of Central American refugees in US facilities north […]
In my Notice and Comment thread joejoejoe requested a pre-hiatus blog post on disaster relief: Can you talk about the some of the current trends in disaster response? Is there a conflict between the the practical requirements of humanitarian response and the need for state authorities to project control? If I understand his second question […]

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On May 27, 2011
If there is a New Zealand, is there a Zealand? Officially of course, the answer is yes. (I admit I had to look it up to see where the original Zealand is.) But on the English internet, the answer is for all intents and purposes “no.” Or at least, nothing ever happens there. Go looking […]
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