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Quick New Hampshire thoughts


(1) This is a really absurd way to pick a president.

(2) Biden is done. He’s out of money and if he can’t finish better than 5th then forget it. It’s not fair, and I actually feel bad for him, what with the Trump smear campaign, and his almost 50 mostly not-terrible years as a national politician, but it’s over.

(3) Warren — man, I don’t get this one at all. New Hampshire should have been good for her, and it was a total disaster. Hard to see how she can recover from this.

(4) Bernie. Not an impressive performance relative to expectations, but good enough to keep him a solid but far from overwhelming favorite for the nomination. Now things get tougher.

(5) Buttigieg. Is he viable? He’s not dead, so yeah, he has a shot. A very long shot, but stranger things have happened.

(6) Klobuchar. New Hampshire was perfect for her, and she did well enough to stay alive for a few more weeks, which does nothing but help Sanders. She may get a SCOTUS seat out of this.

(7) Bloomberg. The big wild card in all this. He’s lurking, waiting to pounce.

(8) It’s a shame that the incredible fascist hijinks at the DOJ and the White House today are being overshadowed by this absurd system (see (1). Trump threatened a federal judge tonight. Ho hum:

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