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New Hampshire Open Thread: Take Nothing For Granite


Discuss the results here if you like.

I should say, since some people have confused my attempts to analyze the shape of the race with normative or prescriptive arguments, that I agree entirely with this:

My view is that it’s too early for preemptive strategic voting (or, perhaps more to the point, strategic giving or volunteering.) That the Iowa and New Hampshire effect is a media construction doesn’t mean the effects aren’t real, but stick by your favorite candidate if they’re still in the race tomorrow if you want. After Super Tuesday, it might be worth discussing whether to consolidate behind a top factional candidate depending on your faction, but it’s not necessary right now. I think Bernie’s the favorite right now but if I were eligible to vote in New Hampshire or a Super Tuesday state I would vote for Warren, and if she’s your top choice on the merits you should too.

Also, more on this tomorrow, but really don’t support Michael Bloomberg in the primaries under any circumstances that don’t involve every candidate but Tulsi dying in a tragic blimp accident:

…if Andrew Yang had any supporters, however, they’re free to go elsewhere. Give him this, there were worse vanity candidates in the Dem primaries this cycle.

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