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Koch Brothers Still Funding Total Opposition to Mass Transit


A reminder that giving money to universities with billion dollar endowments isn’t the worst thing plutocrats can do with their money:

By summer 2018, however, the plot to stop light rail in south Phoenix transformed into a plan to stop light rail in Phoenix, period. As they broadened their mission, light rail opponents using the new name Building a Better Phoenix also started receiving assistance from an Arizona nonprofit associated with oil barons Charles and David Koch. 

The shadow of the billionaire brothers over Phoenix’s light rail debate would not come as a surprise to anyone who’s following transit policy in the United States. Notorious for bankrolling dark-money campaigns, the Koch brothers recently have thrown their weight behind efforts to stop public transportation projects across the country.

It really takes a special kind of evil to make stopping critical mass transit projects in cities where you don’t even live one of your top priroties.

Of course, needless to say they should be able to do this in total anonymity and frankly to criticize them for it would mean the end of the First Amendment.

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