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Campus PC is truly out of control


Today in the principled conservative commitment to free speech, Trump has gotten a movie he (apparently erroneously) perceived as anti-gun pulled from release:

Projection is a hell of a etc.

Meanwhile, the Sarah Palin First Amendment reaction to Joaquin Castro observing that maxed-out Trump donors were maxed-out Trump donors based on publicly available data continues to get more ridiculous:

Seven Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus are calling on the House Ethics Committee to investigate Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro for publicly posting on Twitter the names and workplaces of constituents who donated to President Donald Trump.

“Posting a target list of private citizens simply for supporting his political opponent is antithetical to our principles and serves to suppress the free speech and free association rights of Americans,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter sent to the Ethics panel Friday.

This idea that rich people should not only have the unfettered right to influence political outcomes but should be able to do so in serene anonymity is deeply stupid, and the fact that it’s getting a respectful hearing from some prominent journalists is even more so.

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