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The “intellectual dark web” is just a way of monetizing fascist fellow traveling


Read this.

What was Dorsey doing with these scumbags? Each of them – with Rogan in pride of place – has monetized providing an entry point for far-right extremists to slink into the mainstream. Their followers make Twitter a snakepit of harassment and radicalization, yet they whine endlessly about any consequences for their actions. It was of great satisfaction to Rubin and Pool a day later to cackle over their humiliation of Dorsey, a high-status dunce who inexplicably allowed himself to be used in this manner. In between their gripes, the two took time to crow over their success grifting rubes out of their money, and how much the YouTube algorithm had benefited them.

Rogan, Pool, and Rubin are each, in their own way, more contemptible than the constellation of far-right lunatics who’ve shone so brightly under Trump.

Recall that Rubin and Rogan were, along with Jordan Peterson, the big stars of Bari Weis’s “intellectual dark web” encomium in the Good Gray Lady herself.

The truth is, they couldn’t have made it any other way; far-right pandering was the only way they were going to get ahead, because on merit alone, they were non-entities. And even without meaningful action by Big Tech to stop hosting these monsters, counter-programming is possible. YouTube vlogger Natalie Wynn’“Contrapoints” series is not just remarkably produced, deploying lighting and design light-years beyond those of the alt-right, but lucidly explains just why it is that someone like Jordan Peterson is a poseur who’s totally full of shit. . .

Charlottesville ended with a pudgy white supremacist driving a car into a crowd. Dylann Roof, “a child both of the white-supremacist Zeitgeist of the Internet and of his larger environment” in the Cotton Belt, came to see massacring old women in a historic black church as an act of self-defense. Robert Bowers made one final post on white supremacist social network Gab before massacring the synagogue, ending, “Screw the optics, I’m going in.”

The opportunists and hucksters who pave the neural pathways along which these future killers trudge can declaim responsibility all they want. As Natalie Wynn says, “After all, ‘I’m not a fascist’ is exactly what a fascist would say.” That Wynn advances such clear-minded thinking as a trans woman, with a campy sense of humor, makes her work doubly powerful. She has the facts, has the bad guys dead to rights, and is one of the subaltern people the far-right would claim as inferior or deranged.

But read the whole thing.  Then watch some Natalie Wynn youtube videos.

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