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Projection Can Be A Hell of a Vote Suppressant


What do you know, Republicans have provided some of that vote fraud we’ve read so much about:

At a North Carolina hearing Monday, investigators started laying out in detail an “unlawful,” “coordinated,” and “well-funded” plot to tamper with absentee ballots in a US House election that remains uncalled more than three months after Election Day — finally bringing some clarity to one of the most bizarre election scandals in recent memory.

State investigators established their theory of the case — that a Republican operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, directed a coordinated scheme to unlawfully collect, falsely witness, and otherwise tamper with absentee ballots — and a worker who says she assisted him in the scheme delivered explosive testimony over several hours.

Monday’s hearing ended with Dowless, under the advice of his attorney, refusing to testify before the election board. They will meet again Tuesday morning to continue the hearing.

I estimate the chances that John Roberts will cite this to justify upholding a vote suppression measure that would have done nothing to prevent this kind of fraud at roughly 100%.

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