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The Historic 2020 Democratic Primary


As Paul observed earlier, Kamala Harris has formally announced her candidacy. This means that there are three women running as serious candidates for the Democratic nomination on strong liberal platforms. And, in addition, Tulsi Gabbard is running. (And, hey, that’s its own victory — why should crank vanity campaigns to move the party back to the right be limited to white guys who like to yammer on about the SCOTS IRISH roots of the Democratic Party?) This is, in itself, an important historical landmark. Maybe none of the three will win the nomination — I’d bet against them versus the field, but not very confidently — and of course winning the nomination doesn’t ensure that they’ll knock Trump out (although don’t be too depressed by small-n samples massaged to suggest that INCUMBENTS JUST WIN while ignoring Truman and LBJ). But it’s important. For example:

Great answer, especially on the “due process” canard. None of these three women will be bullied by dumb media narratives, and good.

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