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Is It Possible to Overestimate the Gullibility of the Fox News Viewer?


We’ve got the proactive grift that will allow us to find out:

Fox News launched its subscription-driven online video channel Fox Nation on Tuesday after months of promotion and a low-rent Sunday night kick-off show—one that seemed weird at the time but actually proved to be an accurate representation of the $5.99/month streaming service.

At first glance, Fox Nation appears to be a cornucopia of fresh content. A closer look, however, reveals most of the programming to simply be old far-right “documentaries” with titles like The Great Food Stamp Binge and United Nations Blood Money—most of which aired on Fox News or elsewhere up to ten years ago, though many have misleading “airdates.”

A Greg Gutfeld-hosted program about car chases, titled You Couldn’t Stop Watching, is clearly not, as alleged by Fox (despite Gutfeld’s now fully gray hair), from three weeks ago…

What else do you get for your $5.99 per month?

Links to audio versions of Fox News programs, Fox News Radio simulcasts, and the handful of new shows—some of which, having clearly been taped some time ago, are already out-of-date in the news cycle.

Some feature shoddy camerawork, and others wonky audio issues; none of them look particularly professional, and combined with the low-rent personalities appearing on them, Fox Nation looks more like a deranged YouTuber’s favorites page than the website of a cable-news titan.

Needs moar Half Hour News Hour.

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