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America’s Greatest Moral Sage Speaks


Look who’s upset about the Coarsening of the Public Discourse and the Rise of Moral Relativism:

Former Supreme CourtJustice Anthony M. Kennedy said society’s culture has become vulgar, and it’s up to the U.S. to lead the rest of the world.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews at the 2018 International Churchill Conference over the weekend in Virginia, the retired high court justice said most people perceive the First Amendment as moral relativism, but that isn’t the right view.

“This culture is becoming vulgar. This culture is becoming one, which should not embrace moral relativism,” Justice Kennedy said.

Moral relativism is a philosophical belief there is no set of universal moral standards.

“The rest of the world is looking at the United States to see what freedom looks like and it’s up to us to show a culture, a discourse, a civil dialogue that’s enviable and admirable,” he said.

LOL sure:

And it’s not just that Republican elites have completely capitulated to Trump, which Kennedy’s strategic retirement exemplifies. It’s that the Roberts Court reflected the Trumpite turn before Trump — Kennedy and his four colleagues were gutting the Voting Rights Act with one of the few Supreme Court opinions less legally defensible than Kennedy’s opinion in Bush v. Gore when Trump was just a crazy game show host with a racist conspiracy theory that would propel him to the leadership of Kennedy’s party. That one of Kennedy’s last actions as a Supreme Court justice was to file a concurrence in Korematsu II that might be more pathetic than Frankfurter’s in Korematsu I is a perfect symbol.

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