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Worst Fanfic Ever


Hillary Clinton recently gave an interview in which she redundantly said that — while she thinks she would be a good president — she will not run for president again. The reaction of the nation’s least essential and most-Clinton-minutia obsessed pundit was predictable:

Someone should tell him that too much “analysis” and you’ll go blind.

And yet, the “palpably desperate to have Hillary Clinton to kick around again” party doesn’t get really farcical until the idiot who screwed up her 2008 primary campaign in every possible way gets here:

To state the obvious:

This particular prophecy, for want of a better term, is blindingly stupid. As far as I’m concerned, Hillary Clinton has the right to do whatever she wants. But she’s not going to run for president again, in part because she understands that her fellow Democrats have almost exactly zero interest in re-running the last excruciating contest. HRC2020 speculation exists entirely within the fantasy world of Republicans whose idea of heaven is to perpetually chant “Lock Her Up!” while reliving a whole generation of Clinton-hatred.

Penn and Stein should be investigated as political pornographers.

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