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The mind of an authoritarian:

President Trump praised a Republican candidate’s assault last year on a reporter and fumed over his Democratic opponents here on Thursday night in a freewheeling rally meant to mobilize his base’s support in the coming midterm elections.

In urging the crowd to vote for Representative Greg Gianforte, who is running for re-election and who was sentenced to anger management classes and community service for assaulting a reporter last spring, Mr. Trump jokingly warned the crowd to “never wrestle him.”

“I had heard he body-slammed a reporter,” Mr. Trump said, noting that he was initially concerned that Mr. Gianforte would lose in a special election last May. “I said, ‘Wait a minute. I know Montana pretty well; I think it might help him.’ And it did.”

“Anybody that can do a body-slam,” the president added, “that’s my kind of guy.”

Relatedly, Trump pretends to see no flaws in the “there was a scuffle, and then he fell repeatedly on the bone saw that just happened to have been brought by the coroner who just happened to be there” theory:

Saudi Arabia has again changed its official line on the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, marking its first admission since his October 2 disappearance that Khashoggi died in its consulate in Istanbul. The country’s new story, according to the Washington Post, is that Khashoggi was killed after a fistfight broke out in the consulate. Saudi Arabia also announced that it had made 18 arrests and fired five officials as a result of its initial investigation. For the last two weeks, Saudi Arabia has repeatedly insisted that Khashoggi had left its consulate before disappearing,

President Donald Trump, visiting a Luke Air Force base in Arizona on Friday, said, “I think it’s a good first step, it’s a big step. There’s a lot of people involved.” Asked if he accepts the new explanation offered by Saudi Arabia, Trump said, “I do,” adding that he would not want to see sanctions against the country, in order to maintain US arms sales.“Saudi Arabia has been a great ally, but what happened is unacceptable,” he added.

Well, not that unacceptable, apparently.

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