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How will you CtM?

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Maybe you made a personal vow earlier this year. Or last year. Or the year before. At any rate, your vow went a little something like this: “I will get involved during the next election. I will make a difference. And then you forgot or procrastinated or otherwise blew it off perhaps recreational drugs were involved, but now you’re saying “Oh shit, Election Day is upon us!”

Is it too late to finally fulfill your promise? No. Marisa Kabas, editorial director for Crush the Midterms shared three things you can do between now and Nov. 6.

There are a few really simple and impactful things people can do from now until Election Day to help candidates in important competitive elections up and down the ballot.

1. Knock on doors: It can seem daunting for some people, but it really makes all the difference. If there’s a candidate in your area you feel passionate about or you’re able to travel, I highly recommend taking a weekend day, or even a weekday evening, to talk to some folks about why they should vote for the candidate. Seeing you out there on your free time is really inspiring, and says a lot about the candidate you’re representing.

2. Send texts: Personally, making cold phone calls terrifies me. That’s why I’ve found texting to be a welcome alternative. ResistanceLabs.com is a great way to get started—you sign up for a shift whenever you have a moment and can start texting right away. It’s honestly addictive. The other night, a friend and I each texted 300 people in Alabama on behalf of a group called Black Voters Matter. For every “uh, how did you get this number?” we had five “yes, tell me more!” Many individual campaigns also have their own texting programs, so check their websites for that.

3. Make a plan to vote: I know it sounds so simple, but it could be the difference between making it to the polls or not. Election Day isn’t a national holiday in this country, so for most of us, it’s just a regular Tuesday. That’s why it’s so important to take a look at your calendar now, see what’s on the docket on 11/6, decide what time you’re going to vote and how you’re going to get to your polling place (Which you can find at https://www.vote.org/polling-place-locator/)

If anyone has anymore questions from now through Election Day, they can reach me on Twitter @marisakabas. Go crush it!

I’d add two more ideas.

1. If early voting is an option in your area, learn about it, and talk about it. A lot. I still encounter people who don’t know this is an option in Maryland, even though it went into effect in 2010. People will still need to figure out how, when and where they’ll vote, but that extra flexibility can make a huge difference.

And if you vote early, don’t forget to wear your “I voted” sticker.

2. Go to https://www.crushthemidterms.org/step/vote/ and create a personalized action plan.

What else?

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