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Another brick in the Wohl (2 updates)

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The further adventures of J.A. Wohl, financial whiz kid and probable future Republican POTUS, Mother may I implicate you in my dumb scam? edition.

A company called “Surefire Intelligence” has ties to this Mueller smear.

Jacob Wohl denied having ties to Surefire. Surefire’s official phone number redirects to a voicemail box registered to Jacob’s mom.


Jacob gave us comment at first, but went quiet when we told him Surefire Intelligence’s phone number redirected to a voicemail account registered to his mom.

Thanksgiving at the Wohl house won’t be awkward because Jacob won’t be there.

Update 1 [PC]:

Oh there’s more. As Marty DiBergi would say, “a lot more.”  (H/T Winifred)

Update 2 [me]

Please take a moment to read the series of Tweets Paul links. The story highlights what a hardened grifter Wohl has been since he was very young:

Send him in, we said. In walks young Jacob asking to be seeded with $25mm to start a new hedge fund in exchange for an ownership stake in it. Oh, & he needs an office. And a Bloomberg station. And needs to borrow staff until he can hire some guys. And he needs a leased car…

And if you’re interested, you can read about his expulsion from the National Futures Association, complete with mentions of his mom:

Through this request, NFA learned of two trading accounts controlled by Wohl – one the name of Wohl Capital and one in the name of Michelle Wohl, Wohl’s mother.

You’ll also learn that if you bother Jacob too much, his dad, or someone claiming to be his dad, will yell at you.

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