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When you think you’re sowing the seeds of doubt, but you’re really flinging rat turds everywhere


Me, to a friend a couple of days ago: Any minute now, someone will claim that Kavanaugh has an evil twin. Ha ha.

Washington Post, today: Is there a Kavanaugh doppelganger?

Parker begins by noting that several of Dr. Ford’s detractors have described Ford as confused. Ignoring the fact that casting doubt on a sexual assault victim’s state of mind is a common, Parker tries to support her claim that Dr. Ford was attacked by another boy who looked like Kavanaugh, by citing a right wing attack on another professor named Christine Ford.

Could there have been another, Kavanaugh-ish-looking teen at the house that night, who might have attacked Ford? (For his part, Judge has written in a memoir that he was an ubiquitous presence at alcohol-drenched parties during high school.)

Cases of mistaken identity are far from rare. People with the same name are often confused, as was the case with Ford herself. On Monday, Drudge Report tweeted a link to an article on another site that seemed intended to discredit her with negative comments by her former students. But it turned out that the reviews pertained to another California professor named Christine Ford.

Parker then shares the tale of Ralph Alsman, who looked so much like John Dillinger that he was repeatedly arrested. This does show that looking like an infamous person can lead to trouble for an otherwise innocent person. However, it fails to answer the question Parker accidentally raises: Where did he go?

Parker wants the reader to believe that a hypothetical boy named Brett who was not the Brett came to the party where Ford was attacked. He looked enough like Kavanaugh to deceive his victim, and after the attack was never seen again. I suppose that will be enough for his supporters, but she could just as easily written “Brett is innocent” 500 times and accomplished the same goal. It’s pretty obvious no one at the Post is editing her stuff.

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