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Kavanaugh’s most absurd lie


From the Wall Street Journal:

Kavanaugh Didn’t Watch Ford’s Testimony (Updated)

Among those watching Dr. Ford’s testimony was Judge Kavanaugh, a committee aide said, from a monitor in another room in the Dirksen Senate Building, where he awaits the opportunity to tell his side of the story later today.

UPDATE: Later, Judge Kavanaugh said during his own testimony that he didn’t watch Dr. Ford, contrary to what the aide said earlier. He said he had intended to watch it but was preparing for his own testimony.

The WSJ issued this “correction” after Kamala Harris asked Kavanaugh if he had watched Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, and he said he hadn’t.

Not watching Ford’s testimony would have been the equivalent of a chess player making a move without looking to see what move his opponent had just made, or a poker player betting without taking into account what the other players had bet earlier in the hand.

Kavanaugh getting to go after Ford was a huge advantage, which is why the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee insisted on it.  The reason it was an advantage was because Kavanaugh already knew what Ford had said in her testimony when he addressed the committee.

Kavanaugh’s claim that he didn’t watch Blasey Ford’s testimony is preposterous on its face, like so many of the other claims he made under oath.  He lied about everything.  He is a disgrace to his office and his profession.

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