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The rigged witch hunt


Following up on Scott’s post about windmill-killing birds, I haven’t even seen it noted by the Liberal Media that Trump’s beloved and endlessly repeated phrase for the Mueller investigation — that it’s a “rigged witch hunt” — makes no sense whatsoever.

A rigged contest (game, election) is something that would be legitimate if carried out properly, but which has been corrupted by some of the participants.  A witch hunt is on its face illegitimate.

On a related note, I’m worried that it’s going to be very difficult if not impossible to convict the Trump gang of anything, assuming we survive to see an era of attempted justice, as opposed to a Broderesque carnival of reconciliation, in which all Americans are urged to look forward, not backward, and not argue and bicker about who killed who.

The Trump cult now controls somewhere in the neighborhood of 35% to 40% of the adult populace, and you need just one of these people on a jury to make any conviction next to impossible.  (Hopefully by the time I post this the Manafort jury will make this seem pessimistic).

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