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Lately it’s been hard finding the time and inclination to post. Part of it is because it’s summer and my son is out of school, but part of it is because the news cycle moves so fast.  Everything is so surreal and awful, and frankly I’m having trouble finding ways to riff on all this madness. Honestly, most days I just don’t know what to say.

A couple of people have suggested I talk about my art–my process and stuff–and because this sounds like a pleasant palate cleanser I’ve decided I’m going to do it. I know I’ve done a couple of brief posts on this topic before so if I repeat myself at all forgive me.

What I do is a kind of digital art that is largely a form of photo manipulation. That is, I take stock photos, cut things out of them or use them as is, and layer them to create something new. I also (digitally) paint on top of them, occasionally add textures, and use color filters as well.  Sometimes I distort my subjects and play with proportion by using various Photoshop tools.

Here is one example of how I like to play with proportion. I used the Liquefy tool to make the model’s dress look ridiculously huge.

“Mad Little Hats”

This was the stock I started with: 

Several people have asked me where I get my inspiration. Most of of the time it comes from model stock. I see it, I love it, I find a way to use to it. Occasionally I use my own stock. This piece was inspired by my own photograph, which I used in the background:


Sometimes I’ll be inspired by an object–a flight of stairs, a statue, a candelabra, whatever…so I’ll find inspiration for a theme through that.

Here’s an example of that. I had to use the lion statue. I just love its gorgeous patina.


Often I’ll begin a piece by having a vague idea of what elements I want in it. As I begin working, I’ll think of a theme, a concept, and that will guide me through ’til the end. It’s often “fly by the seat of your pants” art. :D

Lately I’ve been going through quite a rough bout of artist’s block, so when I saw this stock of the “archaeologist” I was so happy when this image of her standing in front of primordially-huge roses popped into my head. I love roses, I love flowers, I love gardens, I love dramatic evening skies, I love darkness and whimsy and I especially love them together. And, again, I love to play with proportion. Why have a rose garden when you can have an ENORMO rose garden?!

“She Dreamt Big”


If there’s one thing I want to evoke in people it’s a sense of magic. I want all of my pieces to look magical, like you’re looking at a world that couldn’t possible exist (but one you’d like to). Honestly, I’d like to escape into my pieces these days.

“Installation” I try hard to make my art as original as possible. I think the obvious thing to do with this stock would have been to put her in a big moonlit sky. But putting her in this forest feels so much more cozy and intimate and more magical. It’s unexpected.
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