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Hogg Derangement Syndrome


Symptoms of Hogg Derangement Syndrome Include:

1.) Inability to recognize the subject matter you’re literally writing about in literally the moment you’re writing about it.

Either way, we’ve entered some dangerous territory here, if boycotts like this one succeed. And not many are speaking out against said danger for two reasons:

1) Fear of reprisal for criticizing Hogg, who has the benefit of being protected from any criticism while being free to level it.

2) Fear of being seen as “the person attacking a mass school shooting survivor,” regardless of whether there’s a basis for such criticism or not.

90% of this article is comprised of criticism of Hogg.

2.) The inability to discern between fact and opinion.

“You may not like what Ingraham said. You may disagree with it. I did. But it isn’t remotely CLOSE to the level of viciousness with which Hogg has attacked people who disagree with him,” Shapiro added. 

And Shapiro is correct. As is Parkland student Kyle Kashuv. 

This is an opinion, not a fact.

3.) The inability to understand what the the First Amendment is.

And therein lies the rub: As stated, Hogg should be treated as an adult. It’s the arena he chose to enter and had every right to do so, given his abilities and what he experienced. But if a boycott succeeds here, it sets the kind of precedent that will forever change what the First Amendment is supposed to stand for. 

But, beyond that, which is it: Is Hogg an adult who deserves strong–even deranged–pushback? Or he is a child being swept up in a political agenda being driven by media elites. Can’t have it both ways!

4.) The inability to understand how the Free Market works.

If someone is offended by her program or her as a person, don’t watch or listen and allow the free market eventually to decide if she’s worth keeping on. 

But the effort to silence a voice, to essentially end a career, based on something like this sets not only a dangerous but completely un-American precedent. 

Right now the Free Market is working exactly as intended. That someone writing for The Hill doesn’t understand this is a travesty.


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