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Interesting new legal theories from America’s favorite punching bag

Another day in the life of Richard Spencer, full time racist, part time punching bag

May it please the court. I the defendant Richard Spencer that’s me do solemnly aver something something. Free speech. Furthermoreso I can’t find a lawyer weh. Ergo, dismiss my case. KTHXBAI.

“Spencer, by contrast, has searched for legal help and has not been able to find a lawyer in Virginia to take his case, despite the supposed but apparently illusory ethical obligation lawyers have to represent unpopular clients and to assure at least a semblance of a fair trial,” he wrote.

Less whining, more paying. I am sure that will help.

“Massive, expensive, drawn out, and invasive discovery will in itself be a huge in theorem victory for the plaintiffs, and probably the only realistic victory they hope to achieve, given the indigence of the defendants.”

When I think of people who are indigent, the presidents of think tanks and publishing companies don’t spring to mind. Neither do people who have addresses in two states. Maybe he thinks indigent means white.

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