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The Shithole MAGAt Mindset

Shithole, Haiti

One thing that struck me about the 2016 election re: both the MAGAts and the worst twitter leftists was that nuanced conversation seemed to be dead. It continues to be dead, and thinking devoid of context and nuance continues to lead to MAGAt “gotchas” like this:



My favorite MAGAt “gotcha,” though was the one where the guy doubted that people…vacation…in Haiti. Dude literally didn’t know that people–willingly, happily!–vacation in Haiti!

Here’s a picture of Dubai:

It looks pretty spectacular to me, but…wait…it seems to have a pretty horrible spotty human rights record. So…is it a shithole?

I’m living in a place I currently cannot wait to leave. It’s flat, it’s freezing and the politics are pretty conservative. Is it a shithole? Hell no. Like so many places in flyover country, it has its charms and lots of awesome people call it home.

It’s almost like “shithole or nah” is a bullshit choice made up by small minds incapable of processing complex thoughts.

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