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Another dispatch from Trumplandia, RSA


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) met with constituents in a rural district that heavily backed tRump. Anyone who has read any of the countless articles about Dump Supporters in Dump Country might have predicted that it was a non-stop MAGA-fest. Which would be one more reason not to read those articles, because they cause one to be wrong.

Amid a smattering of questions about trucking regulations, homeopathic medicine and pension security, a steady stream of attendees pressed Grassley to defend his handling of the ongoing Russia investigation and to offer his views on Trump’s conduct on the job.

“Are you not personally concerned about his fitness to serve? If not, why not? Because I’m very concerned,” Mary Mikels, a retired 67-year-old from nearby Portsmouth, asked Grassley.

Grassley deflected that question, saying he wasn’t qualified to make a psychiatric assessment, but Mikels persisted.

“He gets on Twitter and says the last thing that Fox News told him to say,” she said. “That’s not presidential. It’s concerning. Are you personally concerned?”

The #stupidestpresidentever is a puppet of Faux News? Hey wait a minute, this doesn’t follow the narrative of adoring DOPUS supporter. Perhaps that was a fluke. A lone liberal wolf howling on the lone prairie.

Sheila Ryan, a 72-year-old nurse from Underwood, challenged Grassley for “sliding” on the Russia investigation. Grassley, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is overseeing one of several congressional inquiries into how Russia meddled in the 2016 election and whether there was collusion between Russian interests and the Trump campaign.

“I think you’re protecting the president and protecting his game about shifting the attention away from Russia,” Ryan said, noting Grassley’s call for a criminal investigation into a private investigator who compiled a now-famous dossier on Trump.

Now hang on, I have it on very good authority — 50 gramillion articles that describe how Old Beast DOPUS’ supporters in Farfromsuburbsistan, USA still love him — that whites in rural America think all of this Russia stuff and talk about the Golfer-in-Chief being a few cows shy of a herd is a bunch of fake news.

Ms. Ryan must also be a liberal not-quite lone wolf, howling in the midst of staunch supporters of President Spraytan. Like this woman.

Heather Nejedly of Pisgah caught Grassley’s attention, stood and said: “I just love our wonderful President Trump,” drawing a chorus of mocking laughter mixed with sincere applause.

“I just think we’ve all got to come together,” Nejedly said, turning to Mikels and others. “You know, I don’t know you, I don’t know you, but don’t hate so much. We’ve got to come together and stop hating so much.”

And everyone agreed and bowed their heads and prayed not really.

“We’re not hating. It’s not that we hate Trump,” replied Pat Crosley, 67, a home-school teacher from Kimballton who brought her two children to the meeting as a field trip. “We are recognizing behavior that’s not normal. We’re not psychiatrists, but we can see abnormal behavior when we see it.”

I assume these people will continue to vote for Republicans, including Fast Dancin’ Grassley and the Mango Monstrosity if he doesn’t implode before the next election, for the rest of their lives. But it is nice to see Republican strongholds are no longer completely safe spaces for Republicans.

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