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Moore continues his pursuit of that lean, mean, mean green

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I bet Moore can live quite comfortably playing the White Man Kept Down by the Nefarious THEM.

In a letter sent out to supporters, the campaign said its budget “ran through” on Tuesday, the night of the Alabama special election, and asked supporters to help raise another $75,000 to collect reports of “voter fraud and other irregularities at polling locations throughout the state.”

Translation – people who could not pass the paper bag test were seen entering the polls, give generously!

The idea that Moore woulda won if it weren’t for Soros and Clinton springing thousands of African-American felons from Mississippi prisons, giving them Alabama IDs and having them ride narwhals and hippogriffs to Alabama in order to vote for Jones is bound to appeal to a lot of people. Especially since the Old Beast Dotard and other leading conservative voices keep shouting about voter fraud.

The fact that voter fraud allegedly occurred in, and is not being vigorously investigated by, a red state that is actively engaged in voter disenfranchisement efforts should be deeply satisfying to the Smash the establishment, any establishment, provided we also own libs types. So unless someone gives Moore cushy sinecure on the condition that he concede the race and stick to demonizing Those People, we’ll be hearing from him for a while.

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