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The Morality of Politicians


I have no particular desire to comment on this story, but since something is required, I will only say that obviously any discussion of Franken as a presidential candidate is dead. Of course, I would argue that Joe Biden’s behavior with Anita Hill is disqualifying in a presidential primary too. As to whether he should resign, I would say the answer is no, but then I also completely understand why Republican voters in Alabama would not abandon Roy Moore, even if they find his behavior despicable. It’s as we always emphasize on this blog–structuralism, structuralism, structuralism. While I prefer good people who want to do the right thing, I actually could not care less what it is in the heart of a politician. I only care about what they will do. If their behavior is a detriment to the party, then they should go, but really only if they will be replaced by another Democrat. Obviously, Roy Moore’s behavior is far, far, far more disgusting than Franken’s or Bob Mendenez for that matter. But if I was a Republican in Alabama, I’d probably vote for him over Doug Jones too.

Of course, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that every Democrat is condemning Franken’s behavior today as opposed to cuddling up to Roy Moore, an obviously detestable man even before these allegations came out.

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