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Above: The only thing on I-40 in the Texas panhandle more offensive to the senses than the giant cattle feedlot

Praise Jesus for Baylor University. Finally, young men can engage in the Christian values of rape without getting busted, or at least until the PC POLICE got in the way of a successful football program! Not only did they have the leadership of Ken Starr, America’s Greatest Moral Judge Outside of Degenerate Gambling Addict Bill Bennett, but the man who replaced him as president, David Garland, is also a special guy.

A court filing this week reveals that the former interim president of Baylor University referred to some women who said they had been sexually assaulted as willing victims, amid lingering allegations that the nation’s largest Baptist school repeatedly mishandled or stifled allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

The remark came in an email exchange last year between David Garland and a Baylor administrator. The email was obtained by lawyers for 10 women who are suing Baylor contending that the school ignored their allegations.

Garland also said in the email that he had heard a radio interview with an author who chronicled her alcoholism at college, the Waco Tribune-Herald reports. He wrote in the email that the interview “added another perspective for me of what is going on in the heads of some women who may seem willingly to make themselves victims.”

He then cited verses in the New Testament referring to God’s wrath on those who commit sexual sin.

The plaintiffs in Wednesday’s federal court filing argue that it’s central to their case that Garland “would conclude that these young women made themselves willing victims of sexual assault” and “would then immediately find relevance in ‘God’s wrath’ upon them.”

How Christian of him! God’s wrath will truly be dealt to any woman, or should I say Whore of Babylon, who dares accuse a mighty Baylor football player of rape, even if it is true! It really is a wonder that Baylor is located in a state with such nice good Christians as Ted Cruz, Dan Patrick, Joe Barton, and I could go on for an hour. At least Canada has enough sense to keep these creeps away.

Meanwhile, Baylor is 0-3 and I hope they lose their next 200 games. It takes a lot for me to root for not only Duke but also Falwell University. But against, Baylor, I’d root for North Korea.

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