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That’s the Leak of Love


Not about the pee-pee tapes: The Egoist-in-Chief has found love in some leaks.

“We have two leaks,” Trump said, according to a pool report. “You have the leaks coming out of intelligence and various departments having to do with Syria, having to do with all sorts of different places, having to do frankly with North Korea. And those are very serious. And then, you have the leaks where people want to love me, and they’re all fighting for love. Those are little inner-White House leaks. They’re not very important. But actually, I’m somewhat honored by them.”

DeepState Leaks Bad! Even when imaginary. Devoted Blobfish Leaks Good!

Former Breitbart.com CEO turned senior White House official Steve Bannon’s plan to smear and discredit President Donald Trump’s national security adviser H. R. McMaster has backfired on Bannon and left him more isolated than ever among his fellow staffers, said Politico on Friday.

In recent weeks, Breitbart.com has featured a stream of hit-pieces aimed at McMaster and designed to portray him as a Democratic loyalist and insufficiently devoted to Trump’s “America First” vision for the world.

“The attacks on McMaster have put Bannon in an especially awkward position with his new boss, retired Marine general John Kelly,” said Politico’s Tara Palmeri, who spoke to 10 White House officials about the matter.

Be that as it may, Bannon and Gorka will outlast people like Kelly and Tillerson.

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  • N__B

    Bannon and Gorka will outlast people like Kelly and Tillerson.

    Of course they will. Roaches survive all.

    • Thirtyish

      Rats at least jump off sinking ships. Roaches not only somehow survive the wreck but go on to wreak more havoc as roaches do.

    • efgoldman

      Bannon and Gorka will outlast people like Kelly and Tillerson.

      At least until one, the other, or both is arrested.

      • N__B

        Now who’s the apple-cheeked, dew-eyed optimist?

  • bexley

    Be that as it may, Bannon and Gorka will outlast people like Kelly and Tillerson.

    Because they are cockroaches.

  • AlexSaltzberg

    Oh hey, Ivanka told Trump why there are so many leaks about how great Jared is.

  • Yestobesure

    The “I’m somewhat honored by them” is so telling. Trump loves watching his minions tear each other apart because it makes him feel important.

    • Thirtyish

      I like how he tries to downplay it by claiming that they’re “not very important.” Bullshit, they’re the only thing that matters to him.

      • Yestobesure

        It’s like hosting the Apprentice all over again! Dream job.

  • Aaron Morrow

    That Raw Story piece by Ferguson is so full of wishful thinking from Republican establishment types that I want to make it a mixtape of Disney music.

  • Cheap Wino

    Bannon and Gorka: Sycophants

    Kelly and McMaster: Not sycophants

    Who do you think will survive the longest?

    • Hogan

      I think you misspelled “psychopaths.”

  • Yestobesure

    Notice his taxonomy of leaks had nothing about “investigation of the administration” leaks

  • Whirrlaway

    The question should be, will Trump outlast Kelly, McMasters, and the Joint Chiefs?

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