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Privilege + ignorance = violence


Frederick Sorrell – who unsurprisingly also has a history of violence against women – unintentionally demonstrates the development of supremacists who can’t keep their ugly little fantasies to themselves:

Step 1. Soak vicious little brain in lies that portray marginalized groups as flawed/dangerous.
Step 2. Ignore and avoid facts about marginalized groups.
Step 3. Attack members of marginalized groups based on the lies.
Step 4. Claim ignorance-induced fear caused you to attack.

“I yelled at them, I said, ‘Take that off. Go back to your country if you want to wear that.’ Yes, I did,” Sorrell told KATU News after his court appearance Monday, adding he’s never seen anyone in a burka before. “I’ve never seen where it’s [niqab]. I’ve seen other hijabs, colorful and I smile at them. I think they are very colorful and I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t have anything against Muslims. I was scared when I saw it.”


Sorrell then admitted the only thing he knows about the Muslim faith is what he sees and reads on media and social media. When asked why he did not take an opportunity to learn about the Muslim faith Sorrell said, “because of my ignorance.”

A bigoted sex offender who admits he’s ignorant. I wonder how long it will be until tRump puts him in charge of something?

Update: Please forgive me, I forgot the punchline.

He says he’s now afraid for his own life.

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  • kaydenpat

    “If the victims want to sit down and talk. I would love to sit down and have an open conversation with them and have a very objective open mind,” said Sorrell. “[I’d] apologize. I just don’t know them and all I know is fear-based information.”

    Why the hell does this joker think that the victims would want to sit down and dialogue with him after what he’s put them through? What a nerve he has.

    • philadelphialawyer


      The first sentence makes it sound as if they have some sort of reasonable disagreement, as if there are two sides to this story, and that his being “objective” and having an “open mind” is like a golden opportunity for the victims to prove to him, I guess, that they have a right to live, to not be threatened, to be in the USA, to wear what they want, and so on, which they should be grateful for. Somehow, it doesn’t occur to him that he is just an asshole, and that there is nothing for them to say to him, except, perhaps, “You are an asshole,” and, maybe, “Stop being an asshole to us.” Certainly, he has nothing to say to them that they need to hear.

      He does say he would apologize, which, I guess, is something, but he immediately follows that up with his feeble “I am too stupid to know better” excuse. And so, again, it is as if, in his mind, the victims have to educate him, to justify their right to be left alone, and to demonstrate to him that his fear-based “information” is wrong.

      The sense of entitlement is astounding. Here we have a convicted rapist, who has now got himself in trouble with the law again, by committing a hate crime. And yet, because he is white man, the victims are the ones with the obligation to meet him half way, or some such bullshit.

      • Alesis

        The parallels to broader conceptions of American “race relations” are legion. Truly we can “both sides” anything.

      • Apparently his open and objective mind is fitted with a filter that keeps out pesky facts about Muslims, and only admits lies about them.

        Really, the rote recital of various bigot non-apologies increases his creepiness factor.

      • DocAmazing

        Ah, but this echoes the “beer summit” between Obama, Professor Henry Louis Gates, and the cop who arrested him for disorderly conduct and general criminal negritude. We must always bring the (white) offender into the conversation and apologize to him.

        • Origami Isopod

          Or the male offender, in cases of sexual/domestic violence.

  • Step 0: Sociopath or sociopathic tendencies.

    • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

      Step 0.5: Two first names

      • DocAmazing

        If police describe his place as a “compound”, yell “bingo”.

  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

    “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

    The GOP is bigly into the business of maximizing unknown unknowns. Anytime some commentator gets their undies in a was about coastal elites who don’t know anything about the trappings of Real Red [neck] America we should ask them when was the last time an Oberlin grad threatened people at a Wal-Mart.

    “I don’t hate you people. I’m just scared of some of the things I see. Like everything black like the Grim Ripper, it’s affiliated with death.”

    Guess that means it’s OK to freak out at cops in riot gear…

    • farin

      If “fear based on appearance or apparent group affiliation” were in fact the absolute defense bigots and authoritarians seem to think it is, violence against police would never be criminal.

  • cat butler

    Silly, Trump only puts millionaires and billionaires in charge of things. This man’s ignorance certainly vets him for a position, but I doubt he can pony up the bucks to make it happen.

    • Millionaires and billionaires have been in charge behind the scenes for a long time. Trump has merely put them front and center.

      • cat butler

        Since the beginning no doubt. In the past at least there may have been a slight pretense of being there for more than just further looting and shitting downhill though.

  • SomeTreasonBrewing

    There’s really only one solution to this sort of nativist white american terrorism: summarily ban Iranian doctors, Yemeni students, and Syrian refugees from coming into the country.

    • kaydenpat

      Not wide enough of a net. That’s why Trump did the right thing and banned all Muslims. They all look alike anyways so no harm, no foul.

    • Abigail Nussbaum

      Don’t forget Afghan schoolgirls.

  • King Goat

    He was scared of…their clothes?

    Talk about a ‘special snowflake.’

    And yeah, when I’m scared of something I yell at and threaten it with my finger in the shape of a gun. WTF?

      • brad nailer

        I love the mask on our neighborhood tough guy. He probably doesn’t want his neighbors to recognize him and realize what a stupid douchebag he is, with his cammie clothes and his penis extender, stalking a woman who’s probably going to church (I’d like to think that was pepper spray in her left hand).

    • Alesis

      Maybe he just misunderstood and thought they were with Black Lives Matter. It’s a mistake I’m sure we can all imagine an ordinary person making.

    • wjts

      Laugh if you like, but that sudden, unexpected noise I heard in the basement stopped as soon as I showed it the old finger-gun. You can’t argue with results.

      • King Goat

        If you don’t know the difference between a high caliber and high capacity magazine finger gun you have nothing to say about finger gun control.

        • I’m an old-fashioned, low-tech kind of guy; I prefer finger bayonets. Or even finger pikes.

          • N__B

            I had to get four splints the last time I tried the finger trebuchet.

            • hypersphericalcow

              Were you using it to throw drugs over the Mexican border wall?

        • cat butler

          I want to do this right. How do I keep my finger off the trigger of a finger gun?

  • keta

    It appears he followed them for 20 blocks while screaming obscenities:

    Sorrell is accused of driving next to the couple for more than 20 blocks (seriously, that shit is frightening) and attempting to hit their vehicle several times while shouting, “Take off the fucking burka, this is America; go back to your fucking country,” and mimicking firing a handgun, according to the Oregon Committee of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    But he admitted he’s dumb as a bag of hammers, and had a little pity cry for himself, so who’s really the victim here?:

    Unsurprisingly, Sorrell, who made bail, pleaded not guilty in court Monday and quickly burst into delicious crocodile tears, claiming that he never meant any harm. He insisted that he was waving his hand and pointing his finger, not making a gun gesture.

    Watch the video in the link and note that at the very end, the very last line, the reporter mentions “…there has been a spike in hate crimes targeting Muslims.” Gee, I hope the assignment editor takes note and deploys some journalists accordingly.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      y’know, generally speaking, fear makes us go *away* from what scares us

      or, in the case of the cat and the ceiling fan, fear makes us cower down and scuttle around the outside of the room, trying to stay under chairs and people as he goes

      • Thirtyish

        Our idiot in question, Mr. Sorrell, did what many alt-right dicks do when made aware of people and/or realities they don’t like: temporarily substituted fear with aggressive swagger.

    • HugeEuge

      20 blocks?! Screaming and making threatening gestures. If they had shot him, what odds they’d get by with a defense that they had a reasonable fear for their own personal safety?

      • BigHank53

        Stand your ground laws don’t have language saying “whites only”, but then again in most of the states where they’ve passed they don’t really need to, do they?

        • Yeah didn’t the old white guy get off after shooting the teen for playing loud music? I really wonder how those on the right look to situations like these. What happens when they fear for their lives and “see” a gun?

          • farin

            The first trial ended with a hung jury, but in the second his fellow Florida Men failed him and sentenced him to life.

            • wow. Well, some faith in humanity has been restored. I stand corrected

  • drdick52

    He wears his ignorance as his armor rendering him impervious to reason or decency.

    • N__B

      That sentence is more poetic than he deserves.

  • Rob Patterson

    … or until he’s invited on to Fox News.

    • Thirtyish

      Following and shouting at strangers for 20 blocks just demonstrates his commitment to his values and dedication to keeping America safe. Plus, freeze peach. He’s a hero!

  • humanoidpanda

    C’mon, are you really going to hold a grudge against a 49 year old kid who didn’t know better? He is not some hardened 12 year old black dude that looks old for his age!

    • Kevin

      Also, his rape conviction was from 2001, so he would have been 33 years old, barely out of the womb!

    • Thirtyish

      He’s just a beautiful snowflake white child! Give him the benefit of the doubt, everyone.

  • Kevin

    Guys, he’s not racist, he said he’d do it if it was KKK as well, that’s a relief, absolutely nothing to see here!

  • He has a tremendous amount of economic anxiety.

    • cpinva

      “He has a tremendous amount of economic anxiety.”

      he may well have, after his boss sees this.

  • tsam100

    Another weak ass coward, afraid of women wearing something he doesn’t like. The fact that he’s a rapist ties the whole thing together perfectly.

  • JDM

    These guys are afraid for their lives when they go shopping at Walmart.

  • Step 5.: Be enabled and supported by the corporate media.

  • saraeanderson

    Very well-distilled.

  • ColBatGuano

    He says he’s now afraid for his own life.


    • gratuitous

      Maybe not good. I believe that Mr. Sorrell’s self-disclosed fear entitles him to one free murder under the law.

  • citizensuds

    This guy seems to be everything you all call him. Scary, rage-filled, clueless, dangerous. Deserves a criminal sentence for this behavior, especially due to the use of his car as a threatened mechanism of assault–same as showing a weapon.
    That said, I find full niqabs to be extremely threatening. I cringe when I see them. It makes me feel queasy that these various degrees of heavy veiling–niqab, burqa–are becoming normalized in the west, since heavy veiling very often directly constitutes, and at the least memorializes and reflects, extreme oppression of women, both as individuals and collectively.
    It would be nice to see some recognition and discussion of that on this thread. Attaturk is a bit of a hero of mine. He liberated his country from the veil.

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